Mumbai-born, Toronto-based Leah Barrett has been passionate about fashion since childhood. She majored in Textiles and Clothing, and began working with famous European design houses in her very first job with an exporter. An immersion in the world of luxury hand-embroidery, as well as regular working trips to Paris, Munich, London, Osaka and Tokyo added invaluable experience to her education.

She moved to Hong Kong where she worked for VF, the world's biggest clothing company, on brands like Lee, Wrangler and Girbaud. She learned critical lessons in production, scheduling and quality control and used her knowledge on frequent inspection trips to VF's high production factories in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Macau.

In Toronto, Leah has worked for and with Canadian fashion icons like Robin Kay, Sunny Choi, Pat McDonagh, David Dixon and many others. She brings the rich and varied influences of global fashion to her line. Her most famous assignment was a religious icon embroidered on the back of a tuxedo worn by George Lopez when he hosted the Latin Grammy Awards in 2004.

To order, see samples of the work, or to find out more about Jabberdust email us at or call 416.358.8627.

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